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Red Wine Ritual

The rejuvenating Red Wine Ritual is performed with firming massage cosmetics, saturated with grape extracts. Grape seed extract, wine extract and a mixture of oils wonderfully smooth, intensively regenerate, brighten and nourish the skin. The ritual begins with a deep cleansing of the entire body with an aromatic peeling, which accelerates the process of regeneration of damaged skin, removes dead skin, perfectly smoothes and refreshes. The ideal body, prepared for the next stage of the treatment, absorbs the active substances contained in the mask during a gentle massage. While the body is wrapped in a mask, a relaxing face or foot massage is performed. The ritual definitely improves mood, the body experiences complete relaxation, the skin becomes smooth, elastic and sensually velvety.

Price: 270 PLN/ 1,5 hr.

Massage with Grape Seed Oil

A wonderfully relaxing massage with natural, warm oil leaves the skin optimally moisturized, silky and smooth. Due to the high content of linoleic acid and vitamin E, it is recommended is especially for mature skin, stimulating it to regenerate.

Price: 200 PLN/ hr. or 140 PLN/ 30 minutes

Honey & Vanilla

Treatment of the whole body based on natural ingredients such as: honey, vanilla and orange. Your skin will become soft and velvety, perfectly moisturized and nourished. The treatment will relax your body and mind.
Price: 270 PLN/ 1,5 hr.

Velvet Body

The ritual is performed warm with Shea butter, which prevents the loss of skin firmness. An excellent treatment for dry, sensitive and allergy-prone skin. It begins with a cleansing, smoothing and nourishing peeling with the addition of crushed bamboo. In the next stage of the treatment, the whole body is massaged with butter obtained from the fruit of the Shea tree, which comes from the open spaces of the savannah in West Africa. Shea butter is rich in skin-nourishing vitamins A and E, unsaturated fatty acids and natural, anti-inflammatory phytosterols. Massage techniques are selected in such a way as to maximally moisturize the skin and prevent the formation of stretch marks.

Price: 270 PLN/  1,5 hr. or 200 PLN/ 1 hr.

Chocolate Ritual

Chocolate and cocoa massage will leave skin exfoliated, relaxed and smooth. Experience natural benefits from the antioxidants and caffeine in chocolate, which stimulate the circulatory system and soften skin. Chocolate ritual includes sugar body scrub hot chocolate massage and finally slimming chocolate cream. Enjoy chocolate without a single calorie!
Price: 270 PLN/ 1,5 hr.

Raspberry Dream

Stimulating, refreshing and revitalizing full body massage performed by using of raspberry oil. The treatment improves blood circulation, highly moisturizes dry and tired skin. It smoothes, tones and relaxes.
Price: 270 PLN/ 1,5 hr.

Four-handed synchronised massage

Is a special massage applied by two masseurs in synchronisation. You are attentively and sensitively massaged by four hands at the same time.The synchronised massage is a unique massage developed by our wellness therapists and requires perfect ability, presence and co-operation. Synchronous, highly-fluid massage techniques on the whole body alternate with the simultaneous massage of upper and lower body.
In-depth relaxation is achieved much faster than is the case with a standard two-handed massage and the impression given by four hands is so great that it exceeds every expectation.
Price: 270 PLN/ 1 hr.

Light Legs

Relaxing massage - prevents swelling and eliminates the feeling of heavy legs.
Price: 150 PLN/ 40 minutes

Face and neck massage

This very precise massage focuses on the face, neck and shoulders with an aim of healing,
relaxation and beauty.  Relaxing facial muscles has a positive effect on the skin, resulting in a  dazzling effect, enhancing the smoothness and elasticity of the skin.
Price: 120 PLN/½ hr.

Chocolate massage

Who knew that everyone’s favorite treat can create a relaxing massage, removing stress, tension and fatigue?  The chocolate nourishes all of you - moisturizes, softens, rejuvenates and improves skin tone - and it smells good, lifting your spirits.  Chocolate’s active ingredients stimulate fat burning, eliminate redundant measures of metabolism, and eliminate swelling.
Price: 200 PLN/hr or 130 PLN/½ hr.

Honey massage

Have high blood pressure or insomnia?  The beneficial therapeutic effect of honey on the body strengthens the immune system, improves your mood, eliminates back pain, muscle stiffness and colds. Honey removes toxins from the deep layers of the skin, reduces stress and deeply relaxes the body.
Price: 200 PLN/hr or 130 PLN/½ hr.

Magic Relaxation

Back, neck and shoulder massage.
Price: 130 PLN/ ½ hr.

Hot stone massage

Combining healing and relaxation massage techniques, hot volcanic stones are applied to your body. According to Chinese philosophy, these stones have an important role in the balance of energy in our bodies.
Price: 270 PLN/1,5 hr. or 200 PLN/ 50 minutes

Lymphatic massage

This massage mainly improves how the lymphatic system works by "pushing through" your tissues. It helps to reduce swelling and is successfully used as an anti-cellulite treatment, and in the weight-loss process.
Price: 180 PLN/ hr. or 120 PLN/ ½ hr.

Aromatherapy massage

This scented massage uses essential oils, combining the healing power of touch with the individual properties of oils carefully matched to your preferences.
Price: 180 PLN/hr. or 120 PLN/ ½ hr.


According to Chinese medicine, certain areas on our feet are connected to the organs in our bodies. This massage gives not only deep relaxation but also helps to heal the dysfunction of an organ or the entire organism by pressing specific areas on your feet.
Price: 120 PLN/ ½ hr.

Cocoa butter massage

Warm Cocoa Butter Massage warm you up, deeply nourish and hydrate your dry skin.
Price: 200 PLN/hr. or 130 PLN/½ hr.


For a deep cleansing and exfoliation of the skin, try a peel. Peels contain essential oils based on Dead Sea salt or sugar cane and also stimulate blood circulation, restoring skin structure. During the massage, salt and sugar crystals gently remove dead skin cells and improve microcirculation. Body surface area will receive a beautiful color, improves its moisture and stay silky smooth. Essential oils are great tone the nerves and will put in an excellent mood.
Price: 200 PLN/50 minutes or 130 PLN/½ hr.

Shea (karite) butter

Shea butter moisturizes and nourishes your skin, making it smooth and soft. In addition, it protects against dryness, slows the skin’s aging and wrinkles. Massage with warm buttered karite combines classic massage techniques with deep moisturizing and nourishing of the skin throughout the body. This therapy also aids slimming and cleanses the body by removing the waste products of metabolism.
Price: 200 PLN/hr. or 130 PLN/½ hr.


A combination of classical and energy giving massage loosens your muscles and reduces any pain by gently working the tightened areas on your body.
Price: 180 PLN/hr. or 120 PLN/ ½ hr.

Classic massage

This massage stimulates the tissues in your body, creating healing effects. It influences the skin’s fatty, adipose tissue and circulatory and lymphatic systems.
Price: 180 PLN/hr. or 120 PLN/ ½ hr.