Our guests are also offered sauna.  The Finnish sauna is characterized by high temperatures and is especially popular in autumn and winter. A visit to the Finnish sauna cleanses our body of toxins and fluids. The steam that is produced when water is poured over hot stones ionizes the air. This treatment is very beneficial for our body because it reduces the feeling of tiredness, nervousness and anxiety. During a visit to the sauna, metabolic products and toxins are removed from the body. The temperature of the skin rises to 40°C, as a result of which small blood vessels dilate, blood circulation improves, the skin becomes firm, and pain in muscles and joints disappears. During a visit to the sauna, your breathing becomes faster, which significantly improves lung ventilation. The best time of the day to visit the Finnish sauna is late afternoon or evening.
Price: 30 PLN/ hr


For hotel guests who prefer active leisure, we offer a professionally equipped billiard room. Romantic music will make your sports competition more pleasant. Free of charge during the stay.

Hotel Club Room

From the top of the hotel, this room offers a magnificent view of the meandering Vistula River and picturesque hills of the Old Town of Sandomierz.

  • air-conditioning
  • comfortable sofas and armchairs
  • home cinema
  • party games (chess, Scrabble, playing cards)
  • flat screen
  • DVD player.

In Sandomierz

Sandomierz meets the needs of its visitors coming to this historic city to rest, admire its beauty and historic architecture, learn and relax in its enthralling environs of hillside forests and valleys.
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Around Sandomierz

Our region with a rich tradition offers a number of tourist attractions.

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